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I am currently booking coaching sessions for the months of August through November 2017. We start with a free 20 minute call to get to know each other. If we get on like gangbusters, we book your session(s) and I send you a Paypal invoice. And then we allow the magic to happen.

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Moving Day

Ever had to move? You’re gearing up assembling boxes, booking the moving truck, sorting and organizing. You’re doing awesome. And then, you have a moment when you can’t find the permanent marker, the packing tape’s doubled up on itself (again) and you’ve run out of clear space to stack a box. Tears may ensue. The house is in shambles, you’re exhausted and it feels like it’ll only get worse before it gets better.

(And let’s not even start with the panic of being done in time for that 9am truck arrival on moving day).

Now think of that house stacked full of boxes as your inner experience, and all the dreams you have and all the drama you’re dealing with as all those boxes. You’re desperate for some back-up and a hot shower, when there’s a knock on the door. Your very best friend (or family member, or fairy godmother) is standing there with a new roll of tape and your favorite beverage in the largest size she could find. And you start to think OK, yes, I can do this.

You already have everything you need to work through life’s challenges.

Moving houses is just one of the challenges life throws our way. No matter how big or small your current challenge is, I’m ready to listen. I coach from a belief that my clients know themselves better than anyone else ever could. You already have the answers inside of you, you just can’t pause long enough to hear them. I provide the space to pause, the extra support, puzzle-cracking brainstorms, encouragement and accountability that clear the space for you to take action. Or clear more space. Or nest. (Insert whichever house metaphor works for you).

My Journey

After a second miscarriage, I decided that if a baby wasn’t in my soon-to-be future, then my dream of coaching would be. In January 2016 I began the journey to become a certified life coach through the Martha Beck Institute. I also happened to get pregnant for a third time. The program was an amazing 8 months of coaching and being coached, learning all the way. I loved every minute of it (yes, even the panic of volunteering on live calls #introvert). It was the perfect complement to my pregnancy after loss journey, and all I learned helps me daily with being a new parent.

I’m now working towards my certification by coaching as much as I can.

If you’re thinking you could use a sounding-board, supportive space, and someone to help you organize all those scrambled thoughts you have in your head, I would love to connect with you.


The current rate for a one-on-one session is $65*. Sessions are one hour, though if we’re in the thick of it, I’ll guide you to a “cooler” spot before we end.

I encourage clients to purchase and book packages sessions*. Use packages like a punch card, booking sessions whenever you need support with whatever you’re working through.

1 session = $65
3 sessions = $150
5 sessions = $225
8 sessions = $320
10 sessions = $350

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*I honor where people are in their lives. If you believe our working together will support you on your journey, but aren’t sure you can swing the financial commitment, please contact me to discuss a sliding-scale rate or payment plan.