August 7, 2017


It’s technically supposed to be a post of my favorite novel, but I thought I’d celebrate something I’m super psyched about: BEING ABLE TO READ AT ALL.

Pregnancy and then new mamahood knocked my reading to the curb. This should’ve been the.worst.thing.ever, but I was unable to care (thanks hormones). I missed reading, but more so, I was upset that something so important to my internal life just didn’t seem to matter anymore.

Luckily, my MIL shipped me a box of Nora Roberts novels that arrived less than a week after my second miscarriage. A series about Irish sisters where each book covers one sister’s falling in love? When I couldn’t feel much about anything, I was totally there for that. And last year while I was pregnant, Roberts’ series about a group of friends who own a wedding venue was one of the only things I read. There is something to be said about “airport” paperbacks and romance novels.

Speaking of romance, Outlander is the first full fiction book I’ve finished since A was born. It was a great read (though racier than I knew going into it – whoops). An 8-book series about a time traveling nurse who falls in love with a Scottish Highlander. Not a bad book to get back into the magical escapism of fiction.

Any book Lindsey enjoyed reading, I bump to the top of my list. And thus, I am now reading Saints For All Occasions. I’ll report back when I’m finished. I would love to know what books you’re into lately.

In case you need something to read:

The Nora Roberts Irish series and Bride series I mention above

All The Light We Cannot See

The Night Circus

Outlander series

The Handmaid’s Tale

Ready Player One


Big Magic

Favorite books of 2015

Anything I liked on my library list

And Harry Potter, always

For the month of August, I am posting each day using a prompt from The August Break challenge by Susannah Conway. The prompts encourage a “month of paying attention” which goes hand-in-hand with my new moon intention to focus on my creativity. I’m sharing all my photos on Instagram with #jtaugustbreak

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