Golden Locks

August 2, 2017


Her hair, oh, her hair. It’s getting so long, sprouting out from her head, all different lengths, so soft and wispy.

Sometimes it’s a buttery-yellow blonde and other times it’s strawberry. It’s filling in at the nape of her neck, covering up her birth mark. H is especially particular about combing and styling it, while I let it do its own thing. If the wavy curls are brushed straight, she resembles a little boy with a dapper haircut. If it’s fluffed up in the middle, she’ll have a mohawk, a tiny circular wave of curl down the middle top of her head. I call it her “high school emo” hair style. I can picture her in her late 20s rocking the same look.

When she’s relaxing, she brings both hands up to her head and plays with the strands, running them through her fingers. It’s all I can do to not run my fingers through it constantly myself, just to feel how silky it is.

I know it’ll grow longer, change colors, possibly/probably become a thing that we argue about. It may turn green from chlorinated pools or gum will get snagged in it and have to be cut out. Her first haircut will be another milestone where I will question how fast time is rushing by us.

We’ll cross all of these bridges when we get there. For now, I’m just loving on her and her little golden locks.

For the month of August, I am posting each day using a prompt from The August Break challenge by Susannah Conway. The prompts encourage a “month of paying attention” which goes hand-in-hand with my new moon intention to focus on my creativity. I’m sharing all my photos on Instagram with #jtaugustbreak

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  • Reply Renee August 2, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Love. <3 Your posts have given me such comfort around growing into motherhood, and I think I'll take the August Break challenge myself. 🙂 xo

    • Reply jtao21 August 3, 2017 at 4:28 pm

      TOTALLY growing into into it – I am LOVING it now (only took me ~6m, blerg hah)

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