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And then she was here…

December 12, 2016


It seems I’ve experienced a loss of words for all of 2016.

My writing dipped, as did my reading, journaling and photography, so it makes sense that I’m still feeling quiet and not entirely sure where to begin.

I guess the simplest thing to say is… she’s here.

After 2 and a half years, 3 pregnancies (2 of which ended in loss), 4 OBs, 40 weeks plus 6 days, and 18 hours of unmedicated labor my daughter made her way into this world on Halloween Eve.

My daughter… Adelaide.

Even though she’s already 6 weeks old, it all still feels surreal. Who is this little person and how did we get here?

Our rough start is something I’m still trying to process. Being a mom is something I’m learning hour by hour. So far, it’s the most difficult challenge I’ve ever taken on, but each good feed, each smile, each little baby snuggle makes it more and more possible. More real.

We finally made it.

Welcome sweet girl. I’m so glad you finally decided to become part of our family.

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