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May 7, 2016


Oh my gosh, isn’t he the cutest?! My napping partner and overall stretch-Armstrong of a pup.

I had no concept of days this week. With a Sunday night wedding and parents visiting, the whole time I was confused about the day and my schedule. I made it though (we all did!), and after an early morning errand for H’s work, it’s safe to say you can find me reading, writing and napping the rest of the day. No complaints here.

If you’re looking for something to read, may I suggest any of the below…

There’s being a lighthouse from Alexandra Franzen, and then, her chronology of being a professional writer.

This is a bit meta, but Jill’s Something Good lists is extra curated for Yoganonymous in case you need the highlights of the highlights to dig into. (Disclosure: every time she includes me on any of her lists, I know my writing hit a mark).

15 things doctors don’t tell you after pregnancy loss, but should. 7 Ways To Remember The Hurting Mothers This Mothers Day.

And if you’re suffering, maybe this brilliant PDF shared by Patti Digh will help: Everything Is Awful and I’m Not OK. Print it out, hang on a wall or paste in a journal. Keep it handy.

This is a few years old, and a bit of a long read, but I love Merlin Mann.

Mindfulness, ditching alcohol and juice crawls? Sign me up.

Proud of the school district I grew up in: Transgender Rules In Place At School.

Ali Edwards is running Week In The Life starting Monday. It’s a great time to grab your camera (phone), snap some pictures, jot down some words and capture your life as it is right now. I’ve done day-in-the-life three times. Each time, I find the practice grounding, bringing me into my present life, just like my 100dayproject is. So I can just imagine how lovely a whole week of this type of noticing would be. We’ll see what I come up with.

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