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One, 100 Days Project

May 5, 2016


I jumped on the #100dayproject last week. Swirling ideas were bumping up hard against my lack of energy. I was feeling more and more depleted. I needed something grounding and my creativity needed a boost.

I decided on “100 days of outdoors“, with the intention of snapping photos of nature on my morning walks with the dog. A bit over a week later, flowers dominate my Instagram feed and you’ll photo from a blog post reappear in these little recaps, but I don’t mind.

It’s creative breathing room at its finest:

  1. It gives me a quick spark of excitement to get out of bed and go walking with the dog. Just an extra little purpose.
  2. It requires me to both scan the landscape and think about what I want to create (ex: this week I decided yellow flowers were needed, so I sought them out). This constraint + focus really gets my creativity moving.
  3. It’s documenting my neighborhood… and my days. I won’t always live in this apartment or walk the dog on these routes. The jacaranda won’t always be blooming and the May Gray won’t always filter the sunlight. When I look at these pictures as a whole, I see my life right now.
  4. On that note: I’m excited to end up with 90+ photos that capture this season of my life.
  5. For the end: I have a few ideas for these photos. Besides being great headers for blog posts, I am thinking a calendar, photo book or postcard packs may work. Who knows? Right now I’m focused on the process, not the product and that feels good enough for me.

Have you ever done a 100 day project? It’s not too late to join! Check out Elle Luna and the 100 Day Project and #100dayproject for more.

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  • Reply Renee May 5, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    Lovely! We are so lucky to live in a place with so much beauty and color year-round. I am amazed at the variety of flowers in my neighborhood on my walks…and I’m grateful to have so many neighbors who plant and care for them, because my one time attempting a wildflower garden I completely forgot to water it. 😛 Also nice to have that extra motivation! I’ve been listening to The Minimalists podcast on my walks, which gets me outside more, because if I’m in the apartment I’m doing other things and I want to catch up on the podcasts I’ve missed.

    • Reply jtao21 May 7, 2016 at 12:10 pm

      Yes, I agree… though I think now that I have more of an outdoor/photography practice like this one, I would be happy walking in the darker/colder season. But the colors here are magnificent. I’ll check out the podcast. I def listen to them when I’m walking or driving the most. I wish I could have a garden for flowers – it is lovely that my neighbors have such beautiful yards, but I can’t cut their flowers and bring them into my home hah. Some day!

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