The Joy List

April 22, 2016


*Hockey playoffs

*Friends who stop by for a walk with the dog. Friends who cowork.

*Fresh flowers, especially in the bathroom and on my desk.

*An overcast sky this morning.

*Coworkers who get it.

*Friends who get it, and send you a cards.

*Binge-listening to 11.22.63 on audio book.

*Working on the 2k piece puzzle.

*A full night of sleep.

*A doctor who is one part scientist, one part librarian.

*The fog lifting bit.

*Writing for Wanderlust.


*Meetings that cancel.

And a special note for Prince’s passing. It’s not joyous, but the deaths of creatives reminds me that I need to create, love and live – we never know how much time we have.

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