Good Feelings

March 16, 2016

Today starts a crazy season of travel, which seems to always happen to me. I spend weeks, even months, at home with not a single excursion and then, it’s 4 trips in 3 weeks. 

I woke up at 5am and flew the coast of California all morning. Now, I’m writing this from an adorable cafe in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco. I just inhaled a delicious goat cheese, pesto, roasted red pepper sandwich. There is some lovely jazz on and the sunshine gleams through the windows.

I can never go wrong in this city

The last few weeks held a state of dread about all the time away from home, the energy it would require, the amount of work that needed to be done before I left. Now that I am off, it feels good to be out of the usual routine. 

I did spend the past week pre-planning more than I usually do. I doubled up on some work, processed emails, submitted things early, knocked off ToDos on the weekend and even packed for (3) trips at one time – the wardrobe and toiletries already piled on top of the appropriate bag on the floor of our spare bedroom. Each evening I return home from a trip, I can swap out the items that go everywhere with me (journal, camera, phone, book), tuck them into the next bag, and head out in the morning.

Besides the relief provided by the work of my past self (thanks me from last week!), it’s crazy to me how easy travel is with the power of a smart phone. Sleep will be at an Airbnb that was booked instantly, transportation will be by foot of calling a Lyft, and airplane check-ins will be via two clicks of an email. Our whole itnerary is laid out in a Google doc, we have our route mapped in Google Maps, and my calendar is syched acrossed devices for both personal and work trip. This was written on an iPad, the photo was taken on my phone and I can check email from almost anywhere. 

We are living in magical times. 

Which is to say that, I am feeling pretty good considering. 

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