March 12, 2016


This week was wonky. I seriously had no concept of time – insomnia, a long day traveling, doing work at night when I had energy, but it all evened-out. This morning we were up bright at early to check out the REI garage sale. It did not disappoint. We snagged over $700 of stuff for a mere $200 after all discounts and (hoarded) gift cards were applied. Worth it.

Here’s a few things I found for you this week:

Puppies or bagels? I don’t care, I’ll take them all.

We’re roadtripping LAX > PDX in a few weeks. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I am drooling over Kelly Purkey’s PDX posts.

“So my question is, don’t you worry about protecting your dog from my dog??” Carrie Wiita asks in her post Dear Person Whose Dog “Just Wants to Say Hi”. “Letting your dog approach other dogs without asking first doesn’t even give the other owners a chance to head off the encounter, or ask for it to proceed in a controlled manner.” (h/t Chelz for sharing with me)

Just like Wiita’s, my dog is not not friendly, and when we’re out walking, I am working with him on obedience, and monitoring both our moods when it comes to saying “hi” to other people and dogs. Please do not let me get started on the idiots who live on our block whose dog continues to be walked off-leash only to shoot off, charging towards Carter and I, circling into the street where there are cars, and nipping at Carter’s heals. It’s happened EIGHT TIMES. I’ve repeatedly told them it’s their responsibility, not their dog’s, to put her on leash and each time they have some fucking lame excuse that I hope they’ll repeat to themselves as justification when their dog ends up hurt by either car or unfriendly dog encounter. See also: Own Your Dog.

Flashy Foxy – all the amazing women climbing info you could want. And check out Beth Rodden’s blog which has a bunch of posts about climbing pregnant and climbing with kids.

Kira is always asking all of the right questions – How To Lean Into The Good.

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