March 5, 2016


Seriously, this guy? He lives the life. He loves to lay his dirty body right where I lay my pretty head. Such a weirdo.

This week was all over the map. Crazy good highs coupled with feelings of burn-out and needing hardcore naps in the early evenings. I didn’t realize just how much living happened this week until I wrote out my joy list. My life is so awesome.

Here are some cool things on the interwebs that I found this week:

Definitely going to make these spinach quinoa patties.

Jess’ post about the 90s lyrics by female rockers that made her a feminist. So much nostalgia and badassery.

I, too, love running in the rain.

John Oliver is my secret crush – a skinny-suit wearing, British accented, glasses-wearing, smart-and-funny-as-hell guy whose arguments are so logical, they’re laughable. Did I mention he’s a Taurus? Last Week Tonight must be built on an army of smart-people brains. I love every single episode, and this week’s episode about Donald “Drumph” Trump did not disappoint.

I am so tired of hearing laws that are meant to “protect women’s health” (as if we can’t possibly protect our own health) when in actuality these laws are trying to bury a woman’s right to choose. I have the Call Your Girlfriend (CYG) podcast to thank for reminding me that the Supreme Court has a brilliant woman working for women’s rights. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (or RGB as they call her on CYG) asked the most important question in oral arguments this week.

Oh, and ALL of these pie charts by Ann Friedman of CYG. (Sensing a theme yet?)

And then you can always bet on Bon Iver to break your heart…
You said “ain’t this just like the present / to be showing up like this”

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