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The Joy List

February 26, 2016


*A new iPhone, and therefore, the ability to take lots of pictures again (like the one above).

*A friend who pulled a big favor.

*Support of the women in my life.

*Support from women who’ve experienced pregnancy loss.

*A new iPhone, and therefore, the ability to talk to my friends randomly all week.

*Celebrating my birthday doing all my favorite things.

*A little bit of papercraft time.

*Feeling behind / rushed / overwhelmed and then focusing on the actual reality, a relief. Things like, I still have 2 hours before that thing or this work item isn’t late, it’s right on time.

*Lots of things, if I let them, feeling right on time.

*Such thoughtful birthday gifts, cards in the mail, text messages and FB posts.

*A girl’s day planned for Saturday.

*Getting to coach and be coached.

*Weather with seasonal temps.

*Bouldering at the gym.

*Carter doing well at his teeth cleaning appointment. No more stinky breath!

*Pink magnolia trees blooming.

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