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February 6, 2016


This week felt tough at first and then opened up into something more…joyful? flowing? relaxing? I’m learning a lot about moving toward peace/joy/freedom and away from anxiety/anger/fear. It’s a daily and challenging (life-long?) process, but each step brings me closer. Below, I have a few links circling these ideas… some of which are NSFW.

“Our subconscious minds cause us to obsess—perseverate—about people who mirror something in ourselves that needs our attention,” by Martha Beck, Mirror, Mirror: The Power Of Perseveration. Also see: The Work of Byron Katie.

I downloaded Hormone Horoscope and am never looking back. The info in the app is magic, totally helping me ride the waves of physiology. As always, thanks to Jen Lee and her Just Between You & Me podcast (which has a new URL home & I am still linking to weekly because…go listen).

When I am a parent, let me write about the experience even half as deep as Lindsey. (Go ahead and follow the breadcrumb trail of links off that post – I did and ended up welling up with tears.)

My post about kindness was a big hit (thanks for sharing). When I think about prioritizing kindness, thoughts about “fucks to give”, boundaries and integrity pop up. Since I’m new to a lot of this, I find I swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. Haven’t quite managed the gray area yet. Danielle Laporte adds to my knowledge with How To Not Give A Shit… “It’s easier to have boundaries if you’re a heartless asshole. When you’re an empathetic love bug, it’s a bit harder.” See also: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, which I wish I could listen to every morning as meditation. Oh wait, Fuck That: An Honest Meditation.

This is my favorite playlist to get shit done right now (links to Spotify).

In preparation for our big spring break trip, I picked up some Under Armour Base 2.0. I won’t get to test how warm they keep until March, but I may be wearing them around my house just for fun. Huge fan of UA gear. Huge.

East coast, stay warm in your snow days. West coast, stay warm in your…well, “chillier” days. And everyone enjoy the SuperBowl. We’re not sure if we’re watching yet, but I am rooting for Peyton all the way.

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