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The Joy List

February 5, 2016


*Really fun conversation with friends, at a bar on a week night, sipping tea instead of beer.

*A $30 massage.

*Post-massage chai, almond cake and good conversation with a friend I hardly ever see.

*Pictures of my friend’s premie nephew and updates about his growth.

*Check-in with my still-new boss.

*Hot baths.

*Moving towards “freedom” and away from “fear”.

*Revisiting my Alaska photos (picture above).

*An evening in the dark after losing power.

*Going to the climbing gym alone and with H. Signing up for a ladies clinic.

*Listening to Martha Beck coach. It feels like magic. I want to be able to do that.

*Meetings that cancel, opening up my schedule.

*The fact that H goes grocery shopping for us.

*People sharing my writing.

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