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The Joy List

January 29, 2016


This week’s joy:

*A random invite & spontaneous acceptance to see the Kings play on Wednesday. I can’t tell you how much I’ve fallen in love with hockey.

*Playing guitar with H instead of staring at my phone.

*Quit The Lord Of The Rings and picked up a new book, Wool. Read 50 pages in one sitting. Nothing makes me feel more like an adult than quitting a book and indulging in the next one.

*A long lunch conversation with a friend at the Santa Monica Library Cafe. Both the deep conversation and the location make me so happy.

*Starting a coaching program. Very exciting.

*5 vases of flowers leftover from my event, spread all over my apartment. Flowers in the bathroom may need to happen weekly.

*A full day off, home alone. Mostly working on this.

*On deck: Heading out tonight with our besties for beers & brats, and seeing my sister tomorrow for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants Sage Vegan Bistro, and a session at the climbing gym because of the forecasted rain (!!).

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