Creating, Feeling


December 1, 2015


The tiniest sparkle
lit up the the petals that fell
on the side walk at my feet.

The tiniest sparkle
twinkled when I told you
we were expecting.

The tiniest sparkle
flickered in black and white,
a spark of a new being.

And then it was gone.

I’m writing these words here for us
to search for that tiny beam,
And I’m thinking of Leonard Cohen’s words,
“There is a crack, a crack in everything…”

So let the light in.
Let it flood over us and melt,
a wave of light that
can show us who we are now,
so we can sparkle again.


I’ve decided to use Susannah Conway’s December Reflections as daily writing prompts this month, most posts to be small poems, good or bad, posted with a photo, to help me navigate a loss I experienced in late November.

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