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5 On Friday

November 13, 2015


  1. Hot chocolate for days. It’s chilly in LA (finally, finally!) and I’m craving something hot and rich, but I’ve pulled back on my coffee consumption. Enter the deliciousness of hot chocolate. Attempting to limit myself to one mug per day, but there is no limit on the amount of mini marshmallows per cup.
  2. Dowton Abbey. How am I so late to this magnificent, well-written, lovely costumed, quality acting soap opera of a British TV show??! I blew through season one in a few days. Love, love love.
  3. Running. Which for me lately is slogging (slow jogging, or should I call it josloing?). I made it outside not once, but TWICE this week for a run. The air is cold, the dog is willing and I can rally.
  4. Reading. Finished 10% Happier, We Are Called To Rise and Big Magic and 100 pages into State of Wonder. Love that I kept better track of my reading this year (Library) and impressed I’ve read almost 30 books this year (and there’s still time!). Also, binge-listening to Book Riot, which only makes me more excited to read, read, read.
  5. That holiday feeling. I can feel the anxiety, the rush, the pressure, and the panic of others about the holiday season. There isn’t enough time / money / political-correctness to go around and everyone is pissed about something. But for me, I am adopting a slower pace, saying “no”, tucking in to being at home, and genuinely looking forward to celebrating the holidays. We’re traveling home for Christmas and I can’t wait.

Have a lovely Friday xo

Post idea borrowed from Kelly Purkey

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