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Rest and more rest

November 10, 2015


Take this poorly edited photo and focus on the triangle ears of my dog. The softest, squishiest, perfectly shaped ears of a pup who is hopefully on his last round of flea issues for the season, who took his mama out for a slow 2m run today.

Take this poorly edited photo and focus on the bright colors, the highlighter pink, yellow and aqua, complemented by the purple of the pants. Know that I am loving the season change even if it means having only enough energy for one run per week. Otherwise, it’s long walks and more walking, and all of it is probably not enough to stave off the winter padding, but it’s something, and something is enough.

Take this poorly edited photo and inquire about the lack of posts from me. See paragraph above where I mention the season change, and know that the past few days knocked me on my butt. Sleep, and laying in bed, were the best solutions, and it’s only today I feel energetic enough to do anything besides sit on the couch and read.

I know I am due for not one, but two Big Magic posts, plus a whole backlog of ideas that I came up with when I was feeling much more lively. I guess I didn’t realize how badly I needed the season to change, to slide into the darkness of the autumn, to sit quietly in the dark and lay in bed later in the mornings.

After deeply resting for 2 full days, I am feeling better today, hence the run, this post, showing up for a full day at the office. It’s always a bit of a risk to rest, to let go and know that the doing nothing now will pay off with double energy later… instead of just slogging through. I’m always more grateful for my healthy body and lifestyle, because when that gets pulled away, man is it rough. I’m focusing on eating slightly better than normal and drinking extra water. I’m going to bed earlier. And I’m taking full advantage of my energy when it’s up.

Thanks for sticking around. Big Magic posts and others will be up as I can get to them. In the mean time, why don’t you follow my example, cut yourself some slack and go take a nap xo

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