Big Magic: Case Study

November 5, 2015

Talk about big magic.

And also, the title of this post is sort of a joke, but man, if it isn’t a great example of throwing yourself into a creative project.

I mentioned in Tuesday’s resources that my friend Steph​ is in a crazy demanding nursing program and did this creative project just because. Steph did *everything* herself (audio, video, editing, mixing, singing!) in between 14-hr shifts. Yes, she went to music school, but she taught herself everything about filming here. Talk about fitting your creative life in. Talk about doing it instead of dreaming about it. Talk about putting yourself out there.

It’s so funny, and so damn good. This is why we need people to pursue their creativity. It makes the world a better place.

And I’m sharing this in lieu of today’s post about the chapter Trust (even though that’s one of my favorite words). These 4-day work weeks are catching up with me. The good news is, I’m taking tomorrow off to travel to Palm Springs with H and our friends, so I’ll be able to write up a post tonight/tomorrow for you.

Enjoy the video & have a great Thursday!

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