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October 31, 2015


Happy Halloween! We have H’s parents in town again, so we took Friday off. I was able to get a good bit of work done the other days. We’re watching a lot of hockey and enjoying the darker nights and cooler temps. The muffin above still has fleas, but I’m hoping this is their last stand. H was pretty exhausted and our sleep patterns are a bit messed up, but we’re good overall. Can’t believe it’s the end of October already. Sheesh.

Speaking of the holidays… #OptOutside – REI announced they’ll be closed on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday, encouraging people to go outside. H received the members’ email this week. Makes me love them even more. Plus, their blog is lovely.

I was not good at math in high school and my lack of skill was a cause of major stress. Now married to a math teacher who is pro Common Core, who walks me through concepts and learning to do mental math for daily living, I am much more comfortable with numbers. The more I hear about Common Core from H, the more I’m OK with the next generation of students learning math this way. Common Core Math Is Not The Enemy

Cathy Zielske is a talented designer, digital scrapbooker and hilarious woman on the interwebs. I look forward to her annual Halloween bee dance every year. She’s brave, unashamed and funny. I love it.

What if my motivation to be efficient was to create more space for play and joy instead of trying to prove I am good enough? From Kira Elliott’s Efficiency is Complicated.

I totally geek out on other people’s journals / planners / sketchbooks. Creatively Organized is such a gorgeous list of amazing notebooks (h/t Rowdy Kittens).

This bit of wild writing from Jill.

Last year, we were zombies for Halloween. Thanks to H’s planning & ordering costumes, this year we’re doing the German-beer Hans & Greta thing. Pics to come.

Have a safe and fun holiday, and enjoy all of that candy. I know I am 🙂 I’ll be picking up the 50% off bags at CVS on Monday. xo

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