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Big Magic: Resources 2

October 27, 2015


In case you missed it – I changed the schedule for the Big Magic read-a-long. Chapter posts will only go up on Thursdays and resource posts will stay on Tuesdays. This means the read-a-long will be longer than I planned, but the pace should be much easier for everyone (including me). We’ve already covered Courage, Enchantment and Permission and one post for resources.

I have to admit that I haven’t listened to the below podcasts yet. We’ve had family in town, I’ve been super wiped out, my phone is so full of photos and podcasts that I have no storage left. Adding a whole new project to my life is kind of silly, but I’m committed to doing it, so here we are. Thank you for reading / playing along. I’m really enjoying it. (Photo from our trip to Florence in April).

Jill’s response to Enchantment and Permission (and thanks again to Jill for sharing the read-a-long on her Something Good list). Also, Jamie Ridler shared Jill’s post, which is just all sorts of awesome, since I love Jamie’s podcast Creative Living.

I always had this understanding, that especially in the magazine world, that everyone is so busy, and if you can just present an editor with a situation where all they have to do is say yes, because you have it all figured out, they will be so grateful. People will be so grateful if you make their life easier by doing all the work yourself.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert interviewed by Cosmo

Elizabeth Gilbert of The Beautiful Writer’s Podcast
Elizabeth Gilbert on The Good Life Project

Taylor Phinney discovers his love for painting (h/t Heather)
Elizabeth Gilbert – Your Elusive Creative Genius, Gilbert on TEDTalks

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