October 16, 2015


I started the week with my parents in town, a 4-day weekend, and super low energy overall. On the (blog) excitement front, I started the Big Magic read-a-long (which you can join in on anytime) and since posts are going up Thursday, Saturdays and Tuesdays, I’m moving the Piqued posts to Fridays.

Also, that picture of Carter Cash just kkkiiilllllllssssss me.

The Secret About Healing Nobody Wants To Hear (But Everybody Needs To Hear) by Dr. Kelly Flanagan (h/t Chelz):

Our insecurities and struggles and doubts and fears and anger and sadness are not like the most recent version of the iPhone, which comes and goes and is gone forever. They’re far more like fertile ground. We tend to them. Over and over again. From season to season. And then we wait to see what grows out of them. We wait to see what fruit they bear.

Truth – I have a photo of H and I in our hotel bed the morning after our wedding. H is sleeping on the pillow next to me and my face is a blur of crying and hangover, but it’s us, so newly married I couldn’t comprehend it yet. This series by a bride who took her own wedding photos pulled at the same heartstrings.

From Danielle Laporte’s Spiritual practice won’t stop shitty things from happening:

Here’s what soul practice does: It helps you handle the hard stuff when it comes.All of your dancing, and asanas, and sweaty finish lines are making it much easier to unfold, rather than grip and grind.

What Do I Do When I Am Sick? by Kira Elliott had me says yes, yes, yes.

Last week, I watched Tig, a Netflix documentary about comedian Tig Notaro‘s battle with breast cancer, grief and a lot of fame because of her comedy about the two. Fucking loved it. I’m sure Jill raved about it first, but I found it again via this list of 50 Best Documentaries Streaming on Netflix by Paste Magazine.

And after H showed me this video, I can not stop randomly asking “Is it really?” in a British accent.

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