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October 9, 2015


I can feel the season shifting, but the heat continues to beat down on the city. I haven’t been taking a lot of photos. I didn’t really write anything this week except the posts about Tahoe.

The wifi dies. Full days of work on a weekend, total delay of work during the week. Miscommunications, grumpiness, frustration. Mercury going direct this afternoon. So many requests for my time and energy coming in, and I say “No, but thank you of thinking of me” over and over again.

I get into bed at 8pm. I let myself devour The Interestings, binge-ing, reading like other people watch crappy television. Anything to sooth the split ends, to distract, to calm.

But, it’s Friday, so we made it. Something to celebrate. And it’s not all terrible.

This morning I took Carter to the dog park where he played with a little white Scottie named Billy who was 10 years old and had a tail that his owner said “you can’t take seriously”. She had an Australian accent. They were both lovely.

Afterwards, I walked to a Coffee Bean and sat outside in the shade, sipping tea with the dog next to me, while I did a work call.

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow and I look forward to spending time with them. I haven’t seen them since Christmas, and while I’m usually not homesick, 10 months is way too long. I have Monday and Tuesday off to hang out, wander and be with them.

Later this afternoon I’m going rock climbing at the beach and I’ll work my shit out on the wall, letting my brain focus on problem solving foot steps and hand holds, with the ocean waves tumbling in and out.

Take care out there, all of you, and enjoy your weekend xo

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