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October 6, 2015

prettiest of cups

seeing Elizabeth Gilbert speak and singing “Take Me Home, Country Road” with her and hundreds of other people.

starting a read-a-long here for Gilbert’s Big Magic. Like to join? Click here to sign up to receive posts to your inbox or just follow along here.

appreciating the cold air in the mornings, the shift in light, the sun setting earlier and earlier.

watching Mr. Robot, Fear The Walking Dead, The Office, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Narcos. Mostly waiting for hockey and The Walking Dead to come back.

reading The Gracekeepers, Ready Player One, Big Magic and We’re All Completely Besides Ourselves (which sadly, I gave up on).

remembering all of the months of 2015 that passed by me already, and all the good and tough things they held.

booking flights home for the holidays. fuck-yeah travel points.

thinking about anti-events/being an anti-host, the trickster vs. martyr, all of the visits and travel booking out our weekends for the rest of 2015 and what 2016 may look like.

adjusting yup. always adjusting.

celebrating the season shift, events playing-off and THE RETURN OF HOCKEY.

loving that I have friends that take care of me, who pick up my calls, who respond to my texts with hilarious memes and links and generally know just the right thing to say.

drinking soda water with lime, hot pumpkin spice lattes and iced dirty chais.

dreaming of cooler weather, sweater weather, the mountains, the desert, maybe even snow.

wearing new bras and underwear. a few weeks ago, H dragged me to the store to use all the horded gifts cards i had – i walked out with 3 new bras, silk pj shorts and 17 pairs of new underwear. seventeen. also, yay for being able to wear jeans again. would wearing a scarf be too much to ask?

missing our families. so happy we have parents visiting in October and that we’ll be traveling home for the holidays.

listening to a lot of Psychic Teachers podcast because I’m a hippy.

planning out all of the events, marketing, visits and travel that are coming my way in the next 8 weeks.

sending more climbs, which makes me ridiculous happy. been climbing for ~20 months now and it still thrills me to no end.

learning about Myers-Briggs for my training in December.

feeling really up, really down and all sorts of squishy goodness in between.

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