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On A Pontoon – Tahoe

October 6, 2015


4th of July morning at our Tahoe place, after less than 5hours of sleep each, we all got up to go pontooning on Donner Lake.

H’s bucket list had “captain a pontoon” for a long while, so once we got going, he took over. Pure joy. Growing up near the ocean, I never really swam in lakes, so I was the first to jump in. It was cold, crisp and clean. The boys figured out they could jump off the boat and so did Knoods, the sopping wet and hyper-active black lab, who couldn’t contain himself with such a giant pool to swim in. We blasted the perfect mostly-country-music mix by G and drank beers and Jack Daniels. The view from the lake was gorgeous and looked fake, like a backdrop on a green screen. When Little Big Town’s “On A Pontoon” came on the mix, I felt my body surge with happiness.

This is the life.

The time flew and soon we had to be back at the dock, wiping down the boat from the dog hair and lake water we’d flung all over the place.

Later on as we drove home, a thunderstorm swept the area, including torrential rain and cracks of lightening. Luckily, it held off while we were on the water. We returned to the house, enjoyed the rain, took hot showers and napped the afternoon away.

The magic vacation weekend continued.

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