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New Adventure – MBTI

October 2, 2015


You probably know, but if you don’t, I love self-awareness tools and the Myers-Briggs indicator is one of my favorites.

I’m an INFJ. Apparently, we’re quite rare, but I’m friends with many. Taking Abby’s INFJ for entrepreneurs was a turning point in beginning to own my abilities balanced with my need for rest and space.

I’m pretty sure I married an INTP. I know my sister is an ISTJ. My dad may very well be an INFJ as well. I like guessing people’s combinations, taking into account how they approach things and what vibe they have. I prefer to spend time with people who lean towards the “N” (intuitive) and “J” (judging) areas of the spectrum.

So I’m thrilled to be signed up for the MBTI Certification program. The course takes place over 4 days in December, but the box of materials they sent me arrived yesterday.

Yes, materials. A new adventure of learning. Books and hand-outs and study sessions, here I come!

So you may see some more MBTI stuff creep into the blog over the next few months.

On other exciting notes, I had a lovely phone call with Jen Lee this morning, brainstorming some anti-events (her genius words). Inspiring to say the least. And last but certainly not least, I am headed to Pasadena this evening to see the one, the only, Elizabeth Gilbert speak about Big Magic.

It’s turning out to be a pretty fucking awesome week. Hope yours is lovely in its own ways. Enjoy the weekend xo

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