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September 29, 2015


I wanted to title this something more interesting, even consulting the Pantone pinks, but there are too many to choose from. Let’s keep it simple, shall we?

These are from my walk this morning. For weeks, I thought about photographing the pink in the neighborhood. Periwinkle went so well.

Perfectionism was getting the best of me. I wanted to go out with my big camera. The light wasn’t right. It was way too hot. Excuses, forgetfulness, time slipping away. Days turned into weeks, as they do, and still, no pink.

Now I can also tell you that these aren’t the flowers I had in mind when I was inspired by pink. There is a pink tree down the alley and large blossoms at the north end of the street that I love. They didn’t make this post, but I know I can go out again. I can scratch around the same idea, take a different angle, seek out darker or lighter shades.

Creating art is about circling myself – seeing myself from within and from the outside – and placing myself in this world.

This brought me to a post from 2011 – an entirely different me, but still me – where I mused on All Signs Point To Create Now. I wrote then: I don’t need huge swatches of creative time, I just need creative time NOW.

It still holds true.

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