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Actions for Feeling Problems, or What I Do When I Feel Like Shit

September 25, 2015


Whew! You feeling all those energies? Mercury retrograde, pending lunar eclipse/full moon, the solstice? I think we’re all feelings a little tweaked, so I thought I’d put together a short list of things that help me smooth out.

All of the below shift my perspective and coax me into better feelings, but my brain is usually a useless contributor, and in fact, may make things worse. You can’t think yourself out of a feeling problem.

Stick to the routine. I have a pretty set morning routine that gets me into the swing of things: drink water, pull tarot cards, write morning pages, exercise the dog, shower and eat breakfast. I can lose one or two to save time or sleep more, but this morning ritual is what keeps me afloat the rest of the day, most days.

Talk to someone, not to harp on the negativity, but to exchange words and ideas and get your juices flowing again. This week, I had great conversations with my mom and a few friends. Connection, laughter and helpfulness – all important things to shift my mood.

Acknowledge the feelings and go with them. When I’m feeling bad, I tend to dwell on it as if it’s some riddle to solve. Why am I feeling this way? What did I do wrong? What can I do to change things? Or worse, I blame other people. If only they would do their job right. If only he would help more. If only they knew how busy I am. It’s difficult to remember, but when I do, I acknowledge my feelings, validating them, and then ask myself for what I really need. Example: “Of course you feel frustrated, you’ve done a lot this week and it’s very hot outside. What’s one thing you think would help?” Here is where my brain can align with my body and emotions and suggest useful actions like “nap” or “turn the a/c on” or “take a walk”.

“Bryon Katie” your feelings. The Work always helps me to acknowledge how I feel, make a shift in thought, to open up options.

Sleep. For those of us on the highly sensitive side, sleep can be a welcome refuge. With the season shift, the days are getting shorter. Allow your body to follow the transitional rhythm. Go to bed earlier. Even if you don’t fall asleep right away, you’ll signal your body to calm down a notch.

Get quiet. Meditation, laying down in a darkened room, watching the sunset. Remove your phone from your body and take your eyes to the horizon. Read something, preferably not on a screen. Drive in silence. Sit still and listen to a full piece of music. Shut off the computer and lay down in savasana, letting your whole body sink into the floor.

Get active. Endorphins are no joke – there’s never been a time where I’ve felt worse after going for a run. This week, I did some yoga (free classes here) and climbed at the gym. Dance, run, do push-ups or squats. Do a HIIT or jumping jacks. Throw a frisbee or a ball. Ride a bike. Bonus points if any activities are outside.

Get inspired. Watch TedTalks, listen to you favorite podcast, turn on NPR, get to a museum or a movie. Let your brain focus on something else besides how crappy you feel.

Wait it out. Some days are just crappy. SHITTY. You wake up late and the world is stacked against you. Whether it’s hormones, bad vibes or the position of the moon, some days you really are just better giving in and chocking it up to a crappy day. Cancel as many things as you can, do something you love, go to bed early and things will hopefully be better in the morning. Tomorrow is a new day.

What are your go-tos for dealing with frazzled energies? I’d love to hear in the comments xo

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