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Mercury Retrograde – Fall 2015

September 22, 2015


Mercury is retrograde, again.

I know. Doesn’t it feel like we just went through one? I also can’t believe it’s been a year since October 2014’s retrograde wrecked me.

This time, Mercury is in the charming, talkative air sign of Libra. It began September 17th, aligning with Saturn moving into Sagittarius again, and ends October 9th, the day after Venus finally goes direct. In this time, Mars also moves into Virgo and Pluto ends its retrograde.

Sounds like another wonky, upheaval, go-with-the-flow-to-survive time.

Here’s a few resources to if you like to read up on this sort of thing:

Astrobarry is always long-winded, but he covers much of the intricacies inherent in the astrological weather right now. Also, I adore his weekly horoscopes.

So, with a heavy, busy, maybe even tumultuous few weeks ahead, I recommend you read 10 Magical Ways To Make The Most of Mercury Retrograde. It takes a positive spin on the whole debacle. Keep all the Re’s in mind: re-use, re-visit, renew, and review.

Mystic Mamma continues to be a resource for me – the round-up of Mercury Retrograde posts is a great starting point. It says that Libra is a sign of bridge-building, and the image of “reaching out and reaching in” sounds like a wonderful mantra to carry us through. And don’t forget the themes for September are “trust” and “faith”.

Lastly, the Astrology Zone Mercury (Mars and Venus) Retrograde post is helpful as is How To Survive Mercury Retrograde.

Take care out there xo

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