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Lucky 13

September 21, 2015


We were babies!

When we first got married, it felt weird to say July 7th was our anniversary. Before that, the correct answer was September 21st, for 10 years straight. Saying anything else felt silly.

Now, 3 years married, it sounds insane to tell people we’ve been together 13 years total, but it’s true.

You can live a million lives in 13 years. We’re different people than we were when we met at 18, bright-eyed college freshman, mixed in with people from all over the world in dorm rooms that didn’t have a/c, in the middle of the Back Bay of Boston.

If you do the math, we got together really quick. Move-in for the dorms was around Labor Day and less than 4 weeks later, we were attached at the hip. He was so funny, so tall, so calm. I was a bundle of feelings: nerves, panic and not-good-enoughness. He brought ease. He steadied me.

All this time later, through every incarnation of us, he continues to be a steadying force in my life.

We may answer “7/7” for our anniversary now, but it all started 13 years ago this month, officially on 9/21. Then, our friends called him H-Bomb. They called me Jto. Now he’s “Wads” and I’m “stine”. The nicknames, the friends, the cities, the jobs and the apartments – all of it has been worth it with him.

Love you Wads. xo

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  • Reply Renee September 21, 2015 at 11:55 am

    13 years! Hell yeah. That’s incredible, to have gone through all of those life changes and stages together, and just the fact that you were able to find your person when you did. I made a few really dumb choices one right after the other in relationships when I was 18-21 and those dumb choices lasted until I met my person at 30. Ha. Happy original anniversary! That’s an interesting topic to me, actually, anniversaries. Most of my friends have a clear date on which they got together (dating, that is…the marriage date is the obvious one). Matt and I were friends for a few months, then started dating on February 9th of 2013 after a random spontaneous Vegas trip. Shortly after that we backed off a bit, and didn’t become “official” until early November of 2013, though he told me he loved me in June, and then I told him “Let’s just be friends” in September, because he was pushing me away out of fear. HA. Confusion! We recently decided to move our anniversary back to February 9th because we didn’t want to discount all the time spent together the following months, even though we weren’t calling it a relationship at that point…we definitely behaved as such. I’ve always been cool without having an anniversary date, but now when people ask (which comes up quite a bit with friends/family I don’t see as often) I can say something more than “Uh, a couple years, depending on when you start counting?” 🙂

    • Reply jtao21 September 23, 2015 at 6:45 pm

      Aw, love that you commented and shared your own story 🙂 We def picked 9/21 as an arbitrary date since we’d been hanging out on and off those first 3 weeks. Our start was sort of complicated and we had a 6 month break-up in year 4 (?). I think what matters is that you have some marker of the passage of time, just because it’s so cool to look back over that expanse and be like, we’re awesome, we’re still kicking it! xo

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