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Climbing Otter Cliffs – Acadia National Park

September 8, 2015

ottercliffs1ottercliffs2ottercliffs3ottercliffs4ottercliffs5ottercliffs6ottercliffs7ottercliffs8ottercliffs10The main goal of our trip to Acadia, besides camping with another awesome couple, was to climb Otter Cliffs.

This was completely different climbing for me.

We climbed Wonderwall, which was harder than I expected. First off, you set the anchor at the top and then have to rappel down. I don’t love rappeling, but I’m determined to work on the things that scare me about climbing. With E’s help, I was fine, but I definitely didn’t spend too much time looking around, gorgeous views or not. Then, the cliffs are granite, which in smoother and feels less sticky than what we climb on in Los Angeles. The cliff is near vertical, another thing I’m not used to. Lastly, it took me a long ass time to start the climb. I couldn’t figure it out, which sucked a lot because I was already at the bottom and there was no way to get back up. Climbing up was the only way.

Well, E could’ve hauled my butt up, but that would’ve been no fun for anyone.

After Wonderwall, we climbed Easy Corner. It which was a lovely and super fun 2nd climb. H, E and A all did really well on both routes. It was awesome to climb with friends who love climbing.

And the views.

In the 18 months we’ve been rock climbing, I can’t get over the locations we’ve climbed. Otter Cliffs is, by far, the prettiest one yet.

*Extra special thanks to A&E for making this trip possible. We know some pretty rad people.

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