September 5, 2015


From Brooke Way’s Hen’s Eggs and Loose Ends (love how she tucks big life thinking in between gardening reports and photos of the simplest home-life):

The first trimester was very full of nausea and doubt. What was I thinking? Why change a good thing of the 3 of us? Did I want to do all of this again? Am I crazy? There is no way out, no way back. Just inexorable, forward. Forward to the birth. It took me a long time to adjust. And this was a baby we planned for and wanted! Okay maybe he was a tiny bit early. Motherhood is a trip.

But now I’m good with it. Looking forward to it, in the way that I look forward to camping or travel, when everything is a little harder, but also simpler. It simplifies itself down to the special essentials. You can do anything, not everything.

And Amanda Palmer on her decision to become a mom and what that means for her artistry:

I watched my biological window start closing with a kind of paralytic dread, knowing that my womb and my soul were going to get crushed if I didn’t make a wholehearted decision one way or the other.

So, as you know, I went for it.

I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing, or even that there was a right thing to do. I just did it, really hoping that the ol’ “jump and the net shall appear” cliché would manifest into a net and not a black hole.

And right now, at 36 weeks pregnant, all I can do is look at the female heroes who’ve preceded me and NOT descended into crappy boringness and pray to the holy trinity: Patti…Ani…Björki…hear my prayer. May I not get fucking boring.

Jon Snow opens a comfort food restaurant called “You Know Stuffing, Jon Snow” on 33 Things That Should’ve Happened On Game Of Thrones. Laughed out loud. (Spoilers!Don’t read if you’re not totally caught up).

An even bigger laugh – Socality Barbie on Instagram. Perfect example of most of the accounts I avoid because I don’t need my feed to make me feel bad about my life. Wired writes about the satirical account. Love.

I’ve been thinking about service and read this by Ezzie Spencer: “True altruism does not always come with side serve of buzz. And it definitely does not always need glamor, online or offline, as captivating (and fun) as that may be.” From When Service Turns To Self-Sacrifice.

So I Don’t Forget by Stitched Outside The Ditch.

It’s a 3-day weekend for us and I plan to enjoy it with all the best summer activities: pool, rock climbing and *not* working 🙂 Enjoy!

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    Is it okay if I spend the rest of my day catching up on the Socality Barbie feed? ha!

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      Haha absolutely! It’s so entertaining.

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