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Happy Mail

September 1, 2015


Recently, I received some lovely happy mail:

Rising Strong by Brene Brown from my parents.

A journal from my friend T.

And a little book of encouragement and sage/lavender smudge that smells amazing from A.

Editor’s update: Also a pair of bison socks from D. #insidejoke

A big thank you to you all. Happy mail certainly makes my day.


If you’d like to send more mail, but you’re not into that whole handwriting, packaging, standing-in-line-at-the-post-office thing, I suggest you check out Postagram. H discovered this fun little app a few years ago. It lets you put the digital photos on your phone into postcards, add a message, address to the recipient and send ALL FROM YOUR PHONE. No printing, no stamps, no mailboxes.

At the start of 2014, I made a little resolution to send my grandmothers more happy mail. I set a calendar reminder near the first of the month, and every four weeks when that pops up, I pull up a recent photo of our lives, add a quick message and send it off. Easy-peasy.

My mom told me her mom carries all of the postcards (maybe 25 total?) I’ve sent around in her purse and shows them to anyone who will listen. Now if that isn’t the happiest mail, I don’t know what is.

(Print in the back by Boston-based artist Mae Chevrette – and her blog is just the prettiest)

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