August 15, 2015


The weeks go by so fast now – I can’t believe our staycation was only 2 weeks ago. This week was easier than the past few, but I still took Friday off. It’s H’s last weekend before it’s back-to-school so we’re enjoying a quiet weekend at home, together, chillin.

Last night was the new moon in Leo (loving Mystic Mamma). I’m all for this transitional, one-of-a-kind, creative energy, the whole-hearted focus of this new cycle. I even pulled the Emperor and Empress tarot cards. Feeling that royal energy.

Earlier this week I was super sad. All of these things helped – 7 Things To Do When You’re Sad.

This by Pixie Lighthorse (and also, give me all the earth medicine):

My question for those of us in the business of what is ultimately of the spirit is, What can we say and do that will give us energy rather than deplete it? And, Who will we be again and again when we stand on our own porches and open a beautiful space for our patrons to gather and commune?

How To Cook Moist & Tender Chicken Every Time – Wednesday, I cooked chicken for dinner  and this recipe nailed it. So simple, and it was perfectly moist chicken for our salads.

Fake Target Facebook Account had me laughing out loud. Also, people are mean as hell and my kids will be playing with any and all toys, especially books 😉

It’s a bit meta to put this on my link list, but congrats to Jill whose Something Good was on Wanderlust. And extra thanks to her for linking to my writing.

We binged watch Silicon Valley AND I LOVE IT. I think it may be my favorite comedy next to Arrested Development. They both have situational and quick-talking, smart humor. It’s the kind of comedy you can’t quote – you have to experience the whole scene – words, facial expressions and set. Enjoy this bit that pretty much sealed the deal for me:

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