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August 3, 2015







This morning I decided to ride my bike to the beach. H was in charge of exercising Carter, and I thought “I should go for a run,” but that felt way too exhausting. “Bike ride?” the voice in my head asked.

Maybe just around the neighborhood, maybe just a few miles…

Hemming and hawing aside, I finally took my bike outside and started down the street towards the ocean. This in itself seemed indulgent. Going all the way to the ocean wasn’t in the plan, but once I hit the 1m mark and saw the sign above, I figured why the hell not?

It could be Venus retrograde, asking me to re-visiting what I like and dislike, or my general horoscope saying to question “what you believe constitutes a meaningfully-led life, maximizing your capacity to invest energy into ‘doing the right thing’.” It’s part of the doing my work I wrote about on Friday. It’s re-evaluating what I want in life.

So why not ride 6 miles round trip to the ocean on a Monday morning, to stand on the sand in my pink sneakers and watch the waves for even 5 minutes? Why not ride my bike around if it makes me feel like a kid? Why not give myself these cherished moments of happiness to carry with me through the rest of the drama of the day, urging me to disconnect from these perceived crises and reconnect with what makes me come alive?

Because anything that gets our blood pumping, that makes us come alive, is probably worth doing.

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