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Past Goal: Achieved

July 28, 2015


Last weekend, I went through piles and piles of memorabilia I’d stacked up since high school. There were 3 boxes plus 2-3 Ziplock bags, the gallon freezer kind that hold packages of papers quite nicely.

I found a copy of my high school newspaper, The Purple Parrot, and the awesome literary magazine, titled MASTication, where I was editor. There were critical papers, essays and projects ranging from something on The Bluest Eye to a journal of a season observing the ocean (for AP Environmental Science, one of my favorite classes). There was notes from college classes on legal paper and manuscript paper. I found a business plan for A Little Bit Sweet Records, the record label I was supposedly going to open after college graduation (even then I knew my heart wasn’t in it). A picture of my 6th grade class, the kind where you all sit in rows on small chairs, your teacher standing next to the group, the students in front cross-legged and holding a sign that says the teacher, grade and year. There were to do lists and articles I’d cut out from magazines, interviews with Ani Difranco and Dave Matthews Band.

It was a time capsule of my life – and as I weeded through it all – I kept most of it, throwing out 2 large shopping bags full of papers. It felt good to consolidate, to revisit, to remember.

And then, I found the above, written as an aside on a timeline of “shoulds” for my post-college plan. Things like “Secure job” and “Move back home” and “Find an apartment” and “Record 3 songs” were still waiting there for me to pursue directly, but this goal… the goal I wrote out 9+ years ago, is really what I wanted my life to be about.

And it is. It so is.

So thanks, 22 yr old self, for laying that out there. Goal achieved.

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