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July 20, 2015

palm_veniceAccidental summer hiatus number 2 (number one is here).

A few months ago, my friend said that I was lucky, to some extent, to be able to find time to write. I was a bit miffed – I wasn’t “lucky”, I was purposefully carving time out for this important task. And I told her as much, probably with a bit too much ego…

because life heard me and turned the notch up another level. Let’s see how much writing she can get done now!

I’m embarrassed to say, it slide off with one tip of the plate.

In March, my colleague who carried the same workload as me for a different territory, accepted a position in another department. Then, the director of the office resigned. These departures left us down two full-time employees and senior management looking to my remaining colleague and me to figure it out.

The actual work is great. I’m in charge of a large project that requires a lot of “looping” – my made up term for what I bring to the table – which is talking to all of the stakeholders and making sure everyone is on the same page and things are moving forward. However, I’m a remote employee – everyone else is 3 hrs ahead on the eastern standard time zone. This has made for some ridiculously early mornings – last week I had 6am meetings three days in a row. It started to feel like a cruel joke. Not to mention, the extra work is more demanding / fun than my usual tasks, and leaves very little time for my actual job.

I tapped out last week at 18 meetings. That’s crazy.

So, blame work for the blog interruptions. That’s not to say we’re not having some summer fun, it’s just a lot right now. I keep hoping it’ll level out, but I honestly don’t know when that will be. To balance things, H rented a one-bed in a swanky beach neighborhood for us to stay-cation in while he’s at a training. If I have to work 10hr days that start at 6am, lets at least walk through ocean waves after dinner.

More to come… happy Monday to you & thanks, as always, for reading. xo

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