And we’re off, again…

June 11, 2015


Boy, I spoke too soon. So proud of keeping up with writing and doing my thing during the ever-growing craziness of my day job. And then I miss 3 days of posting. Of course.

(As you can see above, Carter was very concerned about my stressed-out-self’s well-being, and also about my Nutella, extra chunky peanut butter and banana sandwich. Eat all the feelings).

We’re off on another adventure – this time for camping and climbing in Acadia, work and visiting people in Boston and then to this gal’s wedding. Super exciting and a total packing puzzle. (If we brought one small bag each for our Italy trip, we’re bringing 4x as much this time).

Work was bonkers the past few weeks (thanks Mercury retro). I spent full days in front of a computer – my back aches, my elbow is stiff and my eyes are tired. Hell, all of me is so tired. This vacation-work travel combo could not come at a better time.

I would love to share a few updates while I’m traveling, but I make no promises. My friend guarantees me that there is zero cell reception at the camp site and I have absolutely no problem with that.

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