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Rightful Success

June 5, 2015


This week is all sorts of weirdness, but I am loving two things: feeling successful in both my day job and my personal writing and getting so many msgs from people who are touched by either of those things. -Facebook status 6/4/15

It’s true. As much as the emotions can range, the coffee run happens later and later, and the number of Lara bars consumed in one day rises above two — I am doing good.

I’m celebrating 4 years at my job, the job they created for me. Yesterday’s work event was a huge success. My hard work is recognized and appreciated.

People are reading (hi – thank you!), sharing (thanks Jill!) and pinning (thanks Liz!) this blog. I am still putting out almost daily posts despite the crazy uptick of work at my day job. I refuse to let that get in the way.

This is your moment to stand confidently in your rightful success… and to begin slowly and tentatively exploring the additional aspirations you could pursue, leveraging your current accomplishments as a leg-up. – From Astrobarry’s 2015: What’s Next?

It does feel like some sort of rightful success. I’ve worked my ass off to have this life I love and now I’m tinkering with next ideas. Nothing substantial to report yet, but all of the above is propelling me forward.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. TGIF

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