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May 26, 2015


“How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives.”
~Annie Dillard

Tuesday that’s a Monday. 5 am alarm for a run in the dark with the dog. 6am meeting. Quickly showering, eating first breakfast and headed into the office for another three heavy-lift meetings. If I make it to the evening, I will be attending an event for work. It’s an 18-hour day, for sure.

The 3-day weekend didn’t feel like one. It felt like barely enough time to recoup from the week, straighten up, spend time with friends, relax and get ready for this week. Both mine and H’s jobs have ramped up and we’re feeling the burn. The amazing thing is that I know we’re in a good place because we’re supporting each other – I make him lunch and leave him encouraging notes, he cooks breakfast and let’s me sleep in. We both know this is temporary. We both know we have vacations lined up.

With all of that, it seemed important to have a little fun this weekend. We saw Mad Max: Fury Road, attended an all day house party / bar crawl, tried a new rock climbing gym The Stronghold (which we loved! My left forearm still hasn’t recovered), went out on the longboard skateboard, worked out, both read The Girl On The Train (me, hardcover him, audiobook), almost finished Turn season 1, met friends for dinner at our favorite burger place Plan Check, and made coffee and breakfast at home.

Even when things feel crazy, even when I am running on little sleep or the hormone swings of the month threaten to suck me under, it’s lists like the above that make me see how awesome our days are. Not just in the #blessed way, but in the truly remarkable days in which we get to spend our lives. A friend said recently that she doesn’t have a 5-year plan, but she knows what she wants to be doing with her days and with whom. Five years ago, there’s no way I could’ve foreseen the simple events of this past weekend, and even in the moment, I didn’t necessarily have this presence of mind, but now that it’s over, this morning, scarfing down eggs and tea, I see it.

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