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May 16, 2015

Carter_camp*Picture of Carter from my big camera on last weekend’s camping trip

This week went quickly even though it held three long void-moon days. Maybe I could’ve done more, but I did enough. It was one of those weeks where I love my life – so much of my time is just showing up and talking with people – a songwriter turned composer, a female producer who’s moved on to trauma release therapy and writing a cookbook, another songwriter with a strategic business focus, wild writing via conference call at 7am, long phone calls with old roommates, long-distance friends and an epic lunch had with a fellow introvert. This all after I got some rest Monday.

A lot of coffee was consumed, day in the life happened and it rained. So, it was a good week. And I spent last night in introvert heaven, home alone, reorganizing a small portion of my home office, which leads me to…

The scrapbooking world, of which I am a total nube. I love the work of Amy Tangerine and Kelly Purkey. And lately, these ladies are just killin’ it.

Amy does Motivational Monday quotes in gorgeous watercolor, Design On Time episodes and her blog is just lovely to check in on.

Kelly scrapbooks with beautiful photos and hip product, travels to everywhere I want to go (Oh hey PDX) and shifted her business to focus on Destination Documented which combine her love of travel, fashion, and memory keeping.

Jen Louden Her take on building an ideal work / life balance (she doesn’t) and being a creative tour de force are just fantastic reads that brought up a lot of questions for how I’m doing my own living.

OH MY GOSH MICRO-ADVENTURES! h/t my friend Arielle (who took me rock climbing outside for the first time). I plan on looping back to this plethora of good information, since it’s right in line with my olw this year, but thought I’d throw the link out for you to peruse now. There’s still more than half a year left to 2015 and summer is right around the bend. Get adventuring!

And the hilarious Medieval Land Fun-Time World (Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones):

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