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5 on Friday

May 15, 2015


1. It rained yesterday here in LA. I don’t think I can convey the way the city sways under those clouds.

2. A long phone call last night with one of my college roommate (the one who officiated our wedding). I love making her laugh, love that she found a new job, love how she’s so nice and curses like a sailor, and extra love that I get to see her next month at our other roommate’s wedding.

3. Feeling the Mercury Retrograde stickiness starting. Considering a major decluttering during the transit.

4. The Rangers won game 7!

5. Remember how I mentioned my concern about a lack of a 5 year plan? Well the Universe conspired to give me some new thoughts on that this week. (Obvi saving extensive thoughts for a separate post).


*Totally stole this post idea from Kelly Purkey

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