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Just Give In and Nap

May 12, 2015

bread_bananaMonday was hard.

What made it harder was that is was void of anything difficult.  It was just blah.

I knew going into the day that the last quarter moon would be void. (This post on a void moon is super helpful). I also knew I would be tired from our camping trip. What I didn’t anticipate was having no sense of drive or ability to focus.

I met up with my assistant to brainstorm details of a project because coffee. While he contributed good ideas, I felt useless, yawning through my latte.

Back at my desk, I tried to answer emails, but each response took forever. Tried uploading a large file and it kept failing. Then the wifi cut out completely for a bit.

I gave up. No good work was being done. I called it a day as early as possible and went home to do the one thing I knew would help.


If I’ve learned anything from my therapist it’s that everything is easier to deal with after rest. Each time I arrive at her office fuming out the nose like an emoji or sobbing big fat tears, and especially if I seem like I just despise the, she says in her very quiet, very gentle voice “Justine. I think you just need a nap.”

Yup. Simple as that.

So I slept for almost 2 hrs in the early evening, chugged a glass of water and took the dog for a walk. And I decided to bake banana chocolate walnut bread because this is the sort of action that is simple, produces a lovely (delicious) end result and gives me the sense that I am taking good care of myself.

Writing this now I feel much better. Yes the moon moved from void to Pisces (my sign), but I know it was the nap that made all the difference. I’m just unable to be productive, empathic of quick-thinking when I’m tired. And the only thing that will solve that is sleep.

And then baking something delicious.

If your week was also off to a crap start, I hope you find a rhythm today that suits you. And if you hit the ground running yesterday, keep going. Or don’t. Maybe take a recovery day, and nap.


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