Wads’ Birthday

May 6, 2015


Happy birthday to this guy!

This photo, from the train station in La Spezia pretty much sums him up – the hat & glasses (he’s got style), the running jacket (he’s a simple, active guy) and the fact that he ordered McDonald’s at a train station in Italy. Typical.

But seriously – he is one of my favorite people in the entire world. He gets me. I always feel better when I’m around him – my energy comes down to his calmer level and I can relax.

He’s not a big talker, but he has a combined sense of vision and logic that just blows my mind. I joke that there’s no way I could’ve married someone who wasn’t smarter than me on some level – and he is And never makes me, or anyone else, feel dumb. Ever. He’s a math guy, but he loves playing with language. He doesn’t like reading, but he loves telling a good story. When I gave him the online Myers-Briggs test, he broke it. He came down straight in the middle of almost every option.

(I still have yet to figure out which one he is, but I’m leaning towards INTP)

He’s a fucking brilliant teacher and his students love his classes. He values learning, being outdoors and living simply. He is warm, determined and patient. He’s an all around good-natured guy.

It is not just a silly pop-culture thing to say that I #marriedagoodone – I know it every day we spend together.

Happy Birthday Wads!

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