Energy All Over

April 28, 2015

Palms_igThe more I read about empathy, intuition and being highly-sensitive, the more I know these constructs apply to me. Over the past few days, I can feel my energy bouncing all over from both my own experiences and that of people, and the world, around me.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and headache, and am dreading the onset of death cold 2.0. Normally, I would assume it’s from the travel and drinking over the weekend, but I’m getting the sense that my system is even more sensitive than I originally thought.

  • The other day, I witnessed an argument between two people (neither of whom was ME) and felt so hurt by it, I excused myself and had a good cry in private.
  • I can not look, read or hear about the earthquake in Nepal without being upset, and even avoiding news outlets, I feel it.
  • My friend Steph is living through the Baltimore chaos. That story, and my worry for her, jolts me randomly throughout the day.
  • Standing in line at the airport, I could pick out sounds and conversations, energy coming at me from the people all around.
  • In a work meeting, I could feel myself getting anxious and confused, but I knew it was more anxiety and confusion than I had myself – I was picking up on other attendees frustrations. The overwhelm seemed to block clear thinking so that I couldn’t logically add to the conversation to steer it in a better direction.

These experiences, plus the wine, travel and lack of sleep, all come to the surface today as I’m feeling sick. My resources are pretty depleted and it’s a priority to refill them. I can’t call out of work, but I can take actions that will hold me until I can get back home and get some sleep. Things like sipping hot tea, eating healthy foods, lighting a candle or incense, taking a hot shower/bath, taking breaks to sit outside in the sun or read fiction, and not entering into situations that will up my anxiety or require energy that I do not have right now. Protection mode, for sure.

If any of this sounds (or let’s be honest, feels) familiar to you, I’m including a few resources below. They’re all recent discoveries for me, prompting this new take on my own energies and emotions, shaping the next iteration of how I care for myself.

Empathetic vs Being an Empath
Are You An Empath? – PsychicTeachers Podcast
The Highly Sensitive Person
Sensing vs Intuition – Myers-Briggs
Illness as a sign of transition – Jamie Ridler, Behind The Scenes

And a bonus, because Esme continually sets an example of tuning in and giving yourself what you need (even as a Type-A, creative person): On Productivity Anxiety In Difficult Times.

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  • Reply Renee May 1, 2015 at 7:04 pm

    Oh my, YES. Looking forward to checking out these links this weekend – thanks for sharing!

    • Reply jtao21 May 3, 2015 at 1:40 pm

      Yes yes yes – let’s add this to our coffee date (which should probably be 4hrs long to cover the whole agenda haha)

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