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Library Haul – April 2015

April 21, 2015


I traveled through Italy for the first half of April, but true to my book-loving self, part of re-entry into homelife is visiting a library. They’re just so quiet and grounding.

I haven’t read much in a while – travel sucked up all of my sensory energy. I found I had trouble picking out books. Usually, a wander through a library is a way to hone my intuitive hits. I walk around, circling the shelves, listening to the librarian tell someone about printing from a computer for 10 cents per page, feeling her exasperation in my bones. I browse and wait until an author or subject comes to mind, and I go seek it out. Or I just walk, head tilted to read the titles, seeing what comes to me.

I looked at Atwood (one of my favs) and T.C. Boyle (clearly at the start of the fiction section haha) then on to the lower nonfiction and over to the memoir section in biography. Nothing really jumped out at me, but I felt a keen sense of needing some spiritual, even hippy.

No idea what the above haul means, or how many of them I’ll actually get to before their due date is up. (I did read two of the four from March, but remember, I still have Girl On A Train and The Martian sitting in a “To Read” pile as well). Just the experience of visiting the library in the middle of a work day, gave me the sense of some solid footing. Always glad when I go.

Have you read any of these? What are you reading right now? Would love to hear in the comments.

**An extra thank you for your comments, texts, and messages from yesterday’s post. While I couldn’t predict what the response would be, it was as loving and elegant as I hoped for from my readers. We’ve all suffered loss, and sharing that with each other is one of the most healing actions we can take, both in the telling and the listening. Sharing stories is scary and thrilling – I encourage you to share your own. I’m hear to listen xo

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  • Reply Renee April 21, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    I love your library wandering! I’m so meticulous in my search for books – looking on Goodreads and Amazon and reading reviews and then placing a hold and picking up my very specific books on my very specific reading list. I’m going to start going old school and just visiting the library and browsing and seeing what calls out to me. I’ve become overly reliant on reviews, whether it’s for books or for restaurants, and I was just telling my guy the other day I miss when the reviewer was YOU and you’d just try a new place or read a new book and you really knew nothing about it beforehand. I miss that and I’d like to have that back.

    And on the topic of sharing stories…I spent an hour crafting a blog post last night and I’m still hesitant to post. I think I’m far more guarded with my emotions and certain aspects of myself than I realized, and some blog posts have been really cathartic to write, but I feel like I would regret posting because it would reveal a weakness or thoughts that I have that I’m not sure I want everyone who knows me to know. Even though we all feel similar things, and even if it’s just sharing a little truth of a little part of myself. So I’m sitting on this post…for now.

    • Reply jtao21 April 21, 2015 at 8:55 pm

      Oh gosh – that review-reviewing drives me mad! I do much better having a few people who I know have similar taste and just reading what they’re reading and branching out from there in a really organic way. Browsing, intuitively looking, etc. And as for sharing stories – there is a time and place where it feels right to you, and that’s all that matters. I spent a lot of time deciding how to share yesterday’s story and I’ve written many more words than just the one post (still undecided if I want to share ALL of it). So yeah, to each her own. What you’ve shared so far is lovely!

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