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March 23, 2015

going to ROME ON SATURDAY!!!!

finishing up one more week of work before leaving

rolling with getting back into exercising after 2 weeks of the death cold

appreciating quality time with my sister – we had a date night to see Alton Brown’s Edible Inevitable show, which was awesome (and also the fact that I can travel so much because she’s the best auntie to Carter Cash)

watching Walking Dead, House of Cards and Amy Tangerine. Also, hockey playoffs are so soon. (We are *not* a basketball household, so no March Madness for us).

reading Bel Canto. Not sure what to read while we travel – suggestions?

remembering the people we’ve lost and that life is short

introducing more friends to rock climbing

thinking about sharing difficult stories, the true kind that tell so much

adjusting to the time change, still

celebrating a friend’s recent career news

loving H going grocery shopping so I can work on blog posts

drinking homemade green juice, and to balance that out, black tea with tons of sugar and milk or lattes. lots of lattes.

dreaming of all the ridiculous Italian food we’re going to eat

wearing the gold ring I bought myself for my birthday

missing the cooler weather already

listening to Back To Work, Roderick On The Line and Professor Blastoff podcasts (thanks Jill!)

planning our itinerary for Rome, Florence and Cinque Terre

embracing traveling out of the country for the first time, and all that it entails

sending love to H’s sister, who’s in the hospital with septic arthritis of the hip

learning un piccolo pezzo di italiano, mostly “where is the bathroom?” and “i need a glass of white wine”

feeling too excited to sleep

obsessed with playing with paper – been art journaling some and it’s beyond relaxing


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