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March 21, 2015


This week, I worked really hard and hit my limit – exhaustion, pms and sickness. So I called out of work Thursday and IT WAS MAGIC. Here a few other lovely things from the week:

The shift to spring yesterday came with a new moon solar eclipse in Pisces. A super fresh start, a chance to throw open the curtains, shake out the carpets and recommit to our goals for the year. More about the equinox eclipse from Astrobarry.

This picture of Ringo in Jill’s post (we got to chat on Thursday which helped with my funk).

After spending most of Thursday collaging, I am obsessed with these messy art journal pages.

While collaging, I listened to Ann Patchett and Elizabeth Gilbert chat with each other. I’m currently barreling through and savoring Patchett’s Bel Canto.

I Will Go (rumor of a solo Jim Adkin’s record in the works).

Kat Von D’s response to the ridiculous outcries about a lipstick name. I wish people would stop policing other people and instead take that energy to go out and create their own awesome stuff…

“Underage Red” is not a girly, pink shade. It is not a sophisticated, deep red either. It is an unapologetic, bold red. To me, “Underage Red” is feminine rebellion.

I am fully aware of my overly expressive, poetic, and sentimental tendencies at times – especially when it comes to naming shades and collections in my makeup line. But for that, I will never apologize. Most names, whether inspired by my favourite bands, lyrics, personal muses and memories, are very close and dear to my heart.

Since day one, my number one goal when creating any beauty product was (and always will be) to provide the creative tools for self-expression and to empower those who choose to wear it.

It has NEVER been a goal of mine to inspire sexualization of any sort, let alone promote a destructive lifestyle.

Anyone who knows or follows me, is very aware of my personal lifestyle choices which include celibacy, sobriety, conscious living and [above feminism], human rights. Although, i would never force my views and opinions onto others, i most definitely find it offensive being accused of the opposite.

Gorgeous photographs by Leonie Wise.

This tweet. This tweet. And this tweet.

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