This Grateful Season – Creative Living With Jamie Ridler

November 15, 2011

Not feeling so hot today. Lots of pms and crank-pot-ness hanging in my body. Tried my best to take it slow and work through things as they came. Made batches of tea, ran 2 miles, and listened to a podcast while I drove.

I’ve been listening to Creative Living With Jamie Ridler for almost 2 years now, I think. Not sure how I found it originally, but I’m so glad I did. I love everything about it – Jamie’s opener with her bit of wisdom for the week, the interview questions and the different people she has on, and the way Jamie is really present with her guests. It always seems to speak directly to how I’m feeling and lift me up or assure me I’m moving in the right direction.

I hoard them, I love them so. I’ll let a few pile up to listen to in a row, and I’m considering going back and downloading old ones to hear again. It’s definitely a major tool in my box of self-care.

**For the month of November, I’m posting something each day that I’m grateful for. It may be as long as an intricate post, as short as a quote, as simple as a link or as wordless as a photograph. A friend has come on board. Join us?

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