Emergence / Presence

December 1, 2010

My word for 2010 is emergence.

Grand Canyon

Jupiter was in Pisces, Saturn moved out of Virgo. I felt myself expanding, gaining confidence and beginning to learn who I really am.

A few weeks ago, I was worried that I had wasted this year, but then I started listing events.

Travel, which was a goal for 2010: We took trips to Utah, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Diego, and multiple trips to the East Coast (MA, PA, NY, FL and NC).

Lots of firsts: I flew in a helicopter, drove an ATV, started therapy, hiked Angels Landing, slept under the stars, shot a shotgun, rode a horse, launched another event, and established this blog.

Huge life events: We adopted a dog AND got engaged.

And my favorite accomplishment of 2010? Finally liking peanut butter! (haha)

I didn’t participate in Bestof09 but I followed along as Gwen Bell reviewed her year. It inspired me to make some general goals (?) for the coming year. Now I’m excited to be fully in #reverb10.

And that brings me to my word for 2011 – Presence.

Honestly, it just came to me, but it feels right. With all of the emerging, thinking, feeling and living I’ve been doing, if there’s anything I want it’s to live my life more fully. To not be concerned with the past or the future, but to be fully present now.

To exist in the now. Companionship. Self-assurance. Calmness. Enough. To be fully in my body, my life and for that to be enough.


Grand Canyon Morning












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